Press or Media house?

The press area is in APF HQ at point 1600 on the demonstration circuit.

Wi-Fi, tea and coffee will be available and Ian, the Exhibition Secretary, will be able to provide all information and assistance you require.

You can contact APF HQ on 01428 723545 or 07831 644838 or email

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If you are not currently on our mailing list for press releases

And would like to be added, please email us


If you wish to visit the exhibition

Let us know and we will ensure you receive a detailed press pack and press passes


If you wish to carry out any filming

Contact APF HQ to arrange and we will help you out with guiding you around the site, provide assistance in carrying camera equipment etc, and help provide high level viewing for aerial photos via the many cherry pickers on site


If you require any images to illustrate articles

Let us know and we can send you links to a huge array of high quality images from previous events which are our copyright. Please note these should only be used in conjunction with articles about APF and are not used to be used without written permission for any other purpose.